What does “free” mean?

Free / No money symbol


 without cost or payment.
 "ladies were admitted free"
 synonyms: without charge, free of charge, for nothing;

What do we mean when we say “free”? We mean that the adventure modules themselves are free of any cost or obligation to pay anyone. The adventures are yours forever and furthermore you may redistribute them, as long as you also do so without charging a fee. Our characters and rogues gallery NPCs are likewise free under the same conditions as well as our campaign world.

You may create adventures in our campaign world. We encourage you to distributed those adventures for free but you are not obligated to. Place names and other things may be referenced as necessary.

What is not free?

The modules, characters, the campaign world, etc. must remain whole, unmodified and not distributed . Individual pieces of art, writing and any other content belong solely to the people who created them. Many works included in our adventures and other items may be produced under licences that allow for their redistribution however, not necessarily all. If you wish to use a piece of work included in one of our adventures, you are obligated to insure you have the proper necessary rights to do so.

Distribution of our campaign world may only be in whole form as with our modules and characters. Significant portions of text or any artwork from the campaign world, characters, or adventures may not be included in a product you create for distribution, except under the rights granted for said works. Art and/or writing included in the campaign world may or may not be licenced in such a way that you may use it. You and you alone are responsible for determining if a piece of work included in our campaign world is licenced in such a way that you are permitted to use it.

From time to time UnderLair may offer for sale items to enhance the enjoyment of our adventures. Sales of these items allow us to cover our costs and compensate people for their time as necessary. None of these items are necessary to play the adventures. We ask that you not distribute these items and damage our ability to produce more and better free stuff.

Providing RPG enthusiasts with high quality free materials to make games fun and easy is our core principle. If you wish to learn more about how we operate read our charter. If you feel there is a better way for us to be doing things please let us know.