Stupidest Contest Ever, Make Art and Get People to look at it 

Art, Art, Art! Ars Gratia Artis!

As part of my continuing effort to improve, I’m customizing the login page with new art. The current page features the banner from our fictional land of Verka and a spooky shaft filled with creatures of the night. My special thanks to Jayson E. Street for the use of his photo as a background.

The contest is where you create our next login page with either a nifty logo or a cool background. These things can be items you create or find but they must be free to use. Either public domain or with a licence like creative commons, GNU, MIT or other similar licence. In the case of your own work this will be credited to you.

There may be more than winner with the 1st place winner getting 1,000 points the second place 500 points and third place 250 points or some other equally meaningless prize maybe a gold star etc.

Like most contests this one has rules. By submitting entries to the contest you grant a perpetual licence to use these items on our login page. All submissions must be free to use for commercial purposes and have no copyright restrictions on them. Of course all submissions must be digital and of appropriate dimensions.  Background images must be 800 x 600 min and logo images 100 px min in width. If you submit images in a larger format they should not loose detail when reduced to this size.

Last thing. The theme for the contest is “Enter the Underlair” so all entries should attempt to follow that theme. Contest ends when I feel like it so hurry up. Contest winner(s) will be duly praised for their hard work.

All entries can be emailed to [email protected] . Good luck