Improving the website look and feel getting ready for D&D action

Spring is in the air
Time to dust off the old webserver

Over the past few weeks I have gotten back into updating the site. I still have a couple of other things to do. Actually, many things. The big things on the list are: creating forms for users to let us know (on signup)  what skills they have that could be useful in contributing to the project, a custom login screen with social login, a decent forums menu with special forums for specific user types, a subscription service to let users know about progress reports, releases, new members and products, etc.

We’re improving

Things are still pretty primitive right now (we still need a SSL Cert from a certification authority CA) however Underlair is continuing to improve functionality on multiple devices. Our mobile users, until recently, had great difficulty seeing documents located in the “Learn More” area. That has been fixed and the menus have been moved to take up less space.

Speaking of the “Learn More” section of UnderLair, now is a great time to read up on our plans for the future and how you can help. If you have ideas on how we can improve please let us know.

I hope you enjoy the UnderLair




Underlair is creating what we hope will be a large series of free adventure modules for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition and compatible games. We wish to give the Dungeon Master (DM) the ability to download a short, professionally created, adventure that will be playable very quickly with a minimum of setup. Each adventure can be completed in one to three sessions. There will be enough adventure modules at each level to advance the players to the next level plus extras, just in case. Adventures will not incorporate story elements that would make them unsuitable for insertion into your own D&D campaign. We are also developing our own campaign world somewhat like Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Blackmoor, etc. for use as a generic framework for our adventures.

We would need your help making this happen. We are looking for creative people who can produce professional quality work. Even if you are not one of these people, you may still be able to help. We need interesting story ideas either original or a new spin on an old idea. We will also need play testers and DMs. We will start with live play testing in the Houston area but will be eventually looking to move to online.

If you are an Artist, Writer, Cartographer or can help in some other way please post something in the welcome forum and let us know.

Busy Weekend at Space City Con

Talking to Artists and Writers

This weekend I have been working on promoting the Underlair project at Space City Con. There has been some good interest so far. Soon we will get some new people involved in the project. Most of the people I talked to were artists. A little bit of art would go a long way to moving us toward our goal of getting ready for a crowd funding run. Before we start a crowd funding project I would like to have 25-30 complete adventures to take us and our play testers to 5th level plus our 8 pre-generated characters all dressed up with portraits etc.

In other news

I have posted a first draft of the Underlair Charter. Take some time to read it and let me know if you have any questions about it. Suggestions are also welcome.