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    <b>What is the best time to take Premarin?</b> What is the best time to take Premarin (conjugated estrogens) – at night or in the morning? Premarin (conjugated estrogens) can be taken in the morning or at night as long as it is taken at the same time every day.
    <b>How can I reduce estrogen dominance?</b> Estrogen dominance is a sinister hormone imbalance that typically isn’t caused by one single factor. How To Treat Estrogen Dominance Through Diet And Lifestyle Support liver health. Eat Brassicae family (Cabbage) vegetables. Reduce stress. Eat clean meats and reduce meat consumption. Avoid chemical products.
    <b>How does HRT make you feel?</b> There are many different types and doses of HRT and they all contain oestrogen. Taking the right type of oestrogen can really help improve this low mood and other symptoms related to the menopause. Many women find that they feel calmer, have more energy, are more motivated and generally much happier when they take HRT.
    <b>Is there a natural estrogen replacement?</b> Women who decide not to supplement their declining levels of estrogen with prescription hormones may want to choose from a variety of ” natural ” remedies that may help relieve their menopausal symptoms. Black cohosh root may bring some relief from hot flashes, with potentially fewer side effects than estrogen.
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