Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I help?

A: We are looking for people with a wide array of skills. If you have skills you believe would benefit the project contact Jay. Even if you have no skills we specifically need you can publicize us on the Internet i.e. Facebook, Reddit, etc. Eventually we will be playtesting and will need players for this.

Q: Why not just release your adventures as public domain?

A: The reason our adventures are not public domain is to protect the content our contributors licence us to use. That is to say we claim no control over what our contributors do with material they allow us to use. All contributions remain the property of their authors to use in any way they see fit. If our contributors wish to place their material in the public domain they are welcome to do so.

Q: Will you be making these modules for other D20 systems like 5e?

A: Right now the project is focused on 3.5 and we would prefer to evaluate 5e at a later time.

Q: Would you say you are into “old-school” D&D ?

A: 3rd edition D&D came out in 2000 and revived a game with faltering sales. In 2008, having replaced the last actual game developer as WotC CEO, Hasbro publish 4th edition as an attempt to to sell new books; moving away from roleplay as the central theme. Hasbro lead WoTC moved away from being a for roleplayers by roleplayers company to being a marketing firm looking to maximize return. Now, 5th edition is an attempt to fix the backlash from 4e.
So, in truth we are more like middle-school D&D