List of Characters

All descriptions are subject to change/alteration due to artistic license. 

  • Pankas Hotstone is a 17 year old Half-Orc Barbarian, with a greatsword and leather armor. 
  • Aila Ereth is a 131 year old High Elf Bard, with a longbow, longsword, leather armor and a heavy wooden shield she has ice blonde hair and emerald eyes. 
  • Shahorn Longstride is a 21 year old Human Cleric, he is equipped with a morningstar, shortbow, scale mail armor and a heavy steel shield and has dark brown hair and brown eyes. 
  • Bjorn Axebiter is a 60 year old Dwarf Fighter, he wields a Dwarven waraxe and a light crossbow and wears scale mail with a heavy steel shield. He has red hair and green eyes. 
  • Darrian Truthbringer is a 21 year old Human Paladin he caries a longsword and wears scale mail with a heavy steel shield. He has black hair and brown eyes and is 6'4" 
  • Maraver Darkeyes is an 18 year old Human Ranger, he has studded leather armor, a wooden shield, a longsword and a composite longbow. Brown hair and dark brown eyes 
  • Tom Pipeleaf is a Halfling Rogue age 27, he wields a shortsword and shortbow and has leather armor and a buckler, he is 2'10" with sandy blond hair and hazel eyes 
  • Graendithas Silverkin is a Half-Elf Sorcerer age 22, he wields a quarterstaff and a light crossbow