Comicpalooza 2017 is all over and I am so tired

Exhausted storm troopers
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Another one bites the dust

Another Comicpalooza has come and gone. I walked about 40 miles and talked to dozens of people. Now it’s all over and time to follow up on the contacts I made. I had a lot of fun talking to Marky Ramone and the guys from Daredevil. Of course is always nice to see Commander Mark and my pal from Blind Ignorents days Tod Waters. Both had booths at the show. I was very pleased to meet fellow redhead The Ginger Artist. We are planning to have redhead parties in the future. That’s pretty exciting.  Last but certainly not least are three artists who expressed an interest in helping Underlair: Edward Kraatz II, Vo Nguyen and Michael Champion.

On the down side

I wish I could say it was a perfect show but the game area was a real let down. Last year Reaper had an area with free miniature painting. This year the area featured karaoke that was promoting a video game company. The game room seemed much less active this year.

What I didn’t see

This year I didn’t make it to any of the panels. Unfortunately I spent most of my time in the dealers room and did not make it out on Saturday when the best panels went on.

After Comicpalooza

It’s time to get back to work. In the next week I will be getting caught up with website work. Of course I will also be chatting with all the people I met at the convention. I’m as always looking forward to returning next year.

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